Cleveland County

David Tinsley

David Tinsley has 34 years of experience in the appraisal profession with the Cleveland County Assessors’ office. David was appointed assessor March 1, 2009. David has been a member of the International Association of Assessing Officers since September 1987. David holds a Certified Senior Inspector license from the National Association of Property Inspectors, where he is a charter member. David is accredited through the State of Oklahoma. David has also held several positions at the state level including the Oklahoma Chapter President. David has held the Oklahoma state representative position for IAAO since 2005. David has over 300 classroom hours of appraisal instruction in addition to his years of experience. David received his B.A. in Business Administration from Northwestern Oklahoma State University.

David lives in Norman with his wife Joyce of 38 years, a retired Moore school teacher. They raised two children in Noble before moving to Norman. They also have two grandchildren. They belong to the Immanuel Baptist church.

When I started in the office we did everything by hand from drawing footprints of houses to balancing our assessment books. In those days, our data storage was better known as the “Big Red Books.” Our methods and advancements in technology have certainly improved our ability to keep up with the changing times. Our website is a convenient tool to allow access to public records. We plan to continue to evolve and provide greater services for the future.”

The revenue generated by ad valorem taxes directly supports our local schools, law enforcement, libraries, health departments, technology centers, and other essential government services. The assessor is responsible for determining valuations based on the current real estate market. Any elected assessor must raise undervalued property. The 5% cap law protects taxpayers from sharp increases and suppresses taxable value. The voters in each district control the actual tax amount.

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